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How to Watch NFL Game Pass on Kodi (Step-by-Step Guide)

So, you’re itching to catch every touchdown and tackle of the NFL season without missing a beat, but your cable subscription just isn’t cutting it? Enter Kodi, your soon-to-be MVP for streaming NFL games. With the right addons, this powerful platform turns into a sports fan’s dream come true, offering a front-row seat to all the action from the comfort of your couch.

How to watch NFL on Kodi

First things off, you’ll need Kodi installed on your device. If you’ve already got it up and running, you’re one step closer to enjoying NFL games without a hitch. Next up, it’s all about selecting the right addons. Not every addon out there gets you legit access to NFL games, so choosing the right ones is key.

Choosing the Right Addons

There are several reputable NFL Kodi addons that can streamline your sports viewing experience. Some of the most recommended ones include NFL Game Pass, SportsDevil, and cCloud TV. Each of these offers a different set of features, so picking one depends on what you’re looking for. NFL Game Pass is exceptional for accessing live games and replays, while SportsDevil covers a broader range of sports, including NFL. cCloud TV offers live TV channels, including sports networks that broadcast NFL games.

Setting Up Your Addon

Once you’ve picked your addon, it’s time to install it. The process usually involves a few key steps:

  • Navigate to the settings icon on your Kodi home screen.
  • Click on ‘File Manager’ and then add the source URL of the repository that contains your chosen addon.
  • Return to the home screen, select ‘Add-ons’, and then click the package installer icon.
  • Choose ‘Install from Zip File’, find your repository, and wait for the installation confirmation.
  • Finally, select ‘Install from Repository’, find your addon, and install it.

After installation, it’s usually wise to restart Kodi before diving into streaming. This ensures that everything runs smoothly and decreases the likelihood of encountering technical issues.

Accessing NFL Games

With the addon installed, accessing NFL games becomes straightforward. Head to the addon from your Kodi home screen, browse through the available sports channels or dedicated NFL sections, and select the game you want to watch. It’s that simple. Remember, live games typically require a stable internet connection for the best streaming experience, so make sure your setup is up to the task.

Remember, while Kodi itself is perfectly legal, the content you access through various addons may vary in legality depending on your region and the specific content’s copyright status. Always use a reputable VPN to protect your privacy and access content securely.

Best Kodi add-ons for NFL games in 2024

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Diving into the 2024 NFL season, you’re gonna need the best Kodi addons to catch every play, touchdown, and heart-stopping moment. Let’s peek at the top picks that will get you front-row seats to all the action from your couch.


Sling.TV stands out as a top choice for NFL fans. Offering channels like ESPN and FOX, Sling.TV ensures you won’t miss a single game. It’s a bit of a bummer that it’s georestricted to the US, but pairing it with a VPN will have you streaming in no time. Remember, though, it does require a subscription.


Hulu is another winner for streaming NFL games through Kodi, especially with its Hulu + Live TV bundle. This addon provides access to key sports channels broadcasting NFL games, including NBC, ESPN, and CBS. While Hulu’s variety and DVR capabilities are tempting, it’s US-exclusive, so you’ll need a US IP address to dive in.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra offers live streaming of NFL games along with highlights and replays. It’s perfect for those who can’t get enough football. The addon requires a valid US cable or satellite subscription, but once you’re in, it’s game on for high-quality NFL coverage.


ESPN 3 is a must-have for sports enthusiasts, featuring live games, replays, and exclusive ESPN content. While it focuses on college football and other sports, you’ll find some NFL gems here too. Access might need a US-based internet service provider or a subscription via Sling.TV or Hulu.


DAZN is your golden ticket if you’re in Canada, offering live NFL games as part of its extensive sports lineup. It’s quite the catch for fans outside the US, though remember, it’s region-specific. Using a VPN that pairs well with DAZN can help international fans get in on the action.

Catch-up TV & More

Catch-up TV & More simplifies your Kodi experience by aggregating content from various international TV services. While not specifically sports-focused, it does offer access to channels that occasionally broadcast NFL games. It’s a free addon, making it an attractive option for catching up on games you might’ve missed.

iPlayer WWW

Finally, iPlayer WWW is a fantastic choice for UK viewers. This free addon grants access to BBC’s iPlayer, offering a range of content, including sports. While NFL coverage can be hit or miss, it’s a great addon for catching select NFL games without spending a dime. Remember, it’s only available in the UK, so international viewers will need to explore VPN options.

As the 2024 NFL season approaches, gearing up with the right Kodi addons ensures you’re ready for all the action. Whether you’re looking for live games, expert commentary, or just want to catch up on highlights, there’s a Kodi addon out there for you.

Best VPNs for streaming NFL on Kodi

When looking to stream NFL games on Kodi, pairing it with a reliable VPN is a game-changer. Not only does it help bypass geoblocks, but it also keeps your streaming activities private and secure. Let’s dive into the top VPNs that’ll make your NFL viewing experience seamless.

NordVPN – The Best VPN for Watching NFL

NordVPN stands out as the go-to option for streaming NFL on Kodi. With its lightning-fast speeds, courtesy of the NordLynx protocol, you’re in for a lag-free experience, important for live sports. It excels in overcoming geo-restrictions, meaning you can access NFL content, Netflix, Hulu, and more from anywhere. NordVPN operates thousands of servers worldwide, ensuring reliable connections. Its strong privacy features ensure your online activities remain just that – private.

nordvpn spring deal

Surfshark – Cheap NFL VPN with Unlimited Devices

If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful VPN, Surfshark’s your pick. It’s not just about the price; Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connections, which is great if you’ve got a lot of devices or a big household. Speed is of the essence when streaming sports, and Surfshark doesn’t disappoint. Plus, its ability to bypass geo-restrictions means you can catch every NFL game live, no matter where you are.

ExpressVPN – Robust VPN for NFL+ & Game Pass

ExpressVPN is known for its robust performance and is a solid choice for streaming NFL+ and the Game Pass on Kodi. With servers in 94 countries, finding a fast and secure connection is easy. It’s particularly renowned for its high-speed servers, which are essential for HD and 4K streaming. ExpressVPN protects your privacy with best-in-class encryption, ensuring your online presence is anonymous and secure.

Atlas VPN – NFL Game Pass VPN with Cheap Subscriptions

For those keen on finding a balance between cost and performance, Atlas VPN fits the bill. It offers competitively priced plans without compromising on speed or security. While it may be newer to the scene, Atlas VPN has quickly established itself as a reliable option for bypassing geoblocks, making it a great choice for accessing NFL Game Pass on Kodi. Plus, with its strong emphasis on privacy, you can stream with peace of mind.

CyberGhost – Affordable VPN for Football NFL Games Online

CyberGhost offers an easy-to-use solution for streaming NFL games online. It’s got specialized servers optimized for streaming, ensuring you can watch the games without buffering. The service boasts a broad server network, enhancing your chances of bypassing geographical restrictions. CyberGhost also prioritizes your privacy with top-tier security features, keeping you protected while you indulge in your favorite sports.

PrivateVPN – Cheap VPN for NFL on Kodi

Last but certainly not least, PrivateVPN presents itself as an affordable choice for Kodi users. It provides a simple, straightforward service with an emphasis on unblocking content, including NFL games. Despite its smaller network, PrivateVPN punches above its weight, offering fast connections and robust security measures to protect your streaming activity. It’s a particularly attractive option for users looking to stream on a budget without sacrificing quality.

Bypassing NFL streaming restrictions

When it comes to enjoying NFL games on Kodi, running into streaming restrictions can be a major buzzkill. But fear not, there’s a way around this hurdle. With the right tools, you can bypass these annoyances and access all the out-of-market games you’ve been missing out on.

The secret sauce? A reliable VPN. This nifty tool not only secures your online activity but also makes it look like you’re accessing the internet from a different location. This means you can trick streaming services into thinking you’re in a region that allows access to every NFL game, not just those broadcasted in your local area.

Choosing a VPN that consistently overcomes geoblocks is key. While there’s a ton of options out there, look for ones with high-speed servers in multiple countries. This ensures that you won’t just get access, but you’ll also enjoy your games without that pesky buffering. Trust us, nothing ruins a Hail Mary touchdown quite like a frozen screen.

Here’s how you kickstart this game plan:

  • Subscribe to a top-notch VPN. Ensure it’s one that’s known for both speed and reliability when it comes to streaming.
  • Connect to a server. Pick a location where your desired game is available. The closer the server to your actual location, the faster the speeds you’ll enjoy.
  • Navigate to Kodi and launch the platform. With your VPN turned on and set to the right location, you’re essentially a ghost bypassing digital borders.

With these steps, you’re not just ready to watch NFL on Kodi; you’re set to unlock a season of uninterrupted touchdowns and tackles. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the game without the hassle of blackouts or regional restrictions. Set yourself up with the right VPN, and those streaming barriers won’t stand a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a VPN to watch NFL games on Kodi?

To use a VPN to watch NFL games on Kodi, subscribe to a reliable VPN service with high-speed servers, connect to a server in the desired country, and then launch Kodi with the VPN running to access NFL content without regional restrictions.

What makes a VPN suitable for streaming NFL games on Kodi?

A suitable VPN for streaming NFL games on Kodi should have high-speed servers in multiple countries to bypass regional restrictions and streaming blackouts, provide strong encryption for privacy, and support seamless streaming without buffering.

Can using a VPN improve my NFL streaming experience on Kodi?

Yes, using a VPN can significantly improve your NFL streaming experience on Kodi by overcoming geographical restrictions and avoiding ISP throttling, which can lead to a smoother, buffer-free viewing experience.

Are there any risks to using a VPN with Kodi for NFL games?

While using a VPN with Kodi is generally safe, it’s important to choose a reputable VPN provider. Using a free or untrustworthy VPN may pose security risks or result in slower streaming speeds.

What should I look for in a VPN for watching NFL games on Kodi?

When choosing a VPN for watching NFL games on Kodi, look for one with a large selection of high-speed servers, strong security features, a strict no-logs policy, and easy compatibility with multiple devices.

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