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Top VPNs with Best DNS for Xbox Series X: Game Faster & Safer in 2024

So, you’ve snagged yourself the latest Xbox Series X, huh? Congrats! Now, before you dive headfirst into gaming nirvana, there’s a tiny yet mighty detail you need to iron out – finding the best DNS server for your shiny new console. It’s like choosing the right fuel for a sports car; get it right, and you’ll be zooming through game loads and downloads.

Let’s face it, the default DNS settings are kind of like that one friend who’s always late – not exactly reliable for the best gaming experience. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the maze of DNS servers. From Google Public DNS to Cloudflare and Quad9, we’ll help you pick the perfect one for your Xbox Series X. Because let’s be honest, the only thing you should be waiting on is your next gaming victory, not a loading screen.

How to find the Best DNS for your console

Finding the best DNS for your Xbox Series X can feel like a treasure hunt. But don’t worry, with a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to smoother gaming experiences in no time. The first thing you need to do is run a simple test using the nslookup command. This command helps you uncover the IP address of your current DNS server, laying the groundwork for your search.

Once you’ve got the IP address, it’s time to test the speed and performance of various DNS servers. You’ll want to look for DNS servers that offer both security and speed enhancements. This might sound techy, but all you’re doing is comparing numbers to find what works best for you.

To start, consider popular options like Google Public DNS ( and/or, Cloudflare (, and Quad9 ( These are known for their reliability and could potentially boost your console’s performance.

But how do you test these servers? That’s where third-party tools like Namebench or DNS Jumper come into play. By entering your location into these tools, they’ll automatically run tests against various DNS servers around you. After the tests, they provide a list of recommended DNS servers, giving you clear options to consider.

Remember, your ideal DNS server might not be the first one you test. It’s about finding a balance between speed, security, and reliability. Don’t hesitate to test out multiple servers before making your decision. This way, you ensure you’re getting the best possible performance out of your Xbox Series X. So, dive in, experiment with different DNS settings, and get ready to enhance your gaming.

How to change DNS on Xbox Series X?

dns settings

Changing your DNS settings on your Xbox Series X might sound technical, but it’s really quite straightforward. Following these simple steps will help you optimize your gaming experience in no time. Let’s dive right into the process.

First off, power up your Xbox Series X and navigate to the Settings. You can find this by pressing the Xbox button on your controller, moving to the Profile & system tab, and selecting Settings. Once you’re in, locate Network settings under the General tab.

Here’s where the magic happens. Choose Advanced settings and then DNS settings. By default, your Xbox is probably set to Automatic, but for the purpose of enhancing your gaming experience, you’ll switch to Manual.

You’re ready to enter the DNS server addresses you’ve chosen based on your previous tests or recommendations. You’ll need to input both the Primary DNS and the Secondary DNS. Remember, these numbers are key for improving your network speed and stability, so make sure you’ve got them handy.

After entering the DNS server addresses, all that’s left is to confirm your choices. Your Xbox Series X will then use these new DNS settings immediately. You might want to reboot your console just to make sure everything’s set up perfectly.

It’s a good practice to occasionally check if the DNS servers you are using are still the best option for your location and console. Network conditions change, and what’s best today might not be tomorrow. Plus, exploring different DNS options could further improve your connectivity and gaming experience.

Top DNS for Xbox Series X

When looking for the best DNS for Xbox Series X, you’re aiming to enhance your gaming experience by reducing latency and ensuring your connection is both quick and secure. It’s vital to select a DNS server that both fits your needs and delivers consistently strong performance.

Premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN offer free DNS services designed specifically for gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X. Not only do these services reduce latency, but they also ensure your online gaming sessions remain private and secure thanks to military-grade encryption and features such as DNSIPv6 leak protection and Kill Switches.

If you’re leaning towards a more straightforward solution without the additional benefits of a VPN, considering public DNS servers might be the way to go. Here are a few top picks:

Primary DNS ServerBenefit’s Reliable Service’s Privacy Focus 3’s Speed and Reliability

Remember, the proximity of the DNS server to your location can significantly impact your gaming experience. Closer servers typically mean lower latency and faster response times during gameplay.

Private Internet Access (PIA) stands out for gamers who prioritize privacy above all. With its no-logs policy and robust encryption, PIA ensures that your online presence and activities remain hidden from prying eyes, making it an excellent choice for Xbox Series X users.

The ideal DNS service for your Xbox Series X combines swift name resolution with robust security features. Whether you opt for a dedicated VPN solution or a public DNS server, make sure it aligns with your gaming habits and privacy requirements.

How to find the best DNS server for your Xbox Series X

Finding the best DNS server for your Xbox Series X could dramatically improve your gaming experience, from reducing lag to speeding up download times. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to smoother gameplay in no time.

First up, you’ll want to test different DNS servers to see which ones offer the best performance for your location and setup. A simple way to start is by using the nslookup command on your PC or laptop. This command helps you identify the DNS servers your network is currently accessing. Note the IP addresses, as you’ll need these for comparison later.

Next, consider trying a third-party tool like Namebench or DNS Jumper. These programs are incredibly user-friendly and do most of the heavy lifting for you. Just input your current location, and the tool runs a series of performance tests on a wide range of DNS servers. After it completes, you’ll get a list of the fastest and most reliable servers based on your specific needs and location.

When testing different DNS servers, look for ones that have Low Latency and High Security. Remember, the goal is to enhance your gaming experience, which means finding a DNS server that not only reduces lag but also protects against potential threats.

Here are some quick tips for optimal results:

  • Ensure your Xbox’s network settings are correctly configured when entering a new DNS.
  • Test during different times of the day to see how peak and off-peak hours might affect performance.
  • Keep an eye on the security features each DNS server offers. Faster isn’t always better if it compromises your privacy or security.

By following these steps and keeping an eye on performance metrics, you’ll find the best DNS server for your Xbox Series X that suits your gaming habits and internet setup perfectly.

Best VPNs that also provide DNS for Xbox

When you’re gaming on your Xbox Series X, you don’t want to worry about lag, doxxing, or any other internet woes. That’s where having a robust DNS through a trusted VPN can make all the difference. Below, we dive into the best VPNs offering DNS services that’ll keep your gaming smooth and secure.


NordVPN is a powerhouse in the VPN market, and it’s not hard to see why. With its own secure DNS servers, you’re not just getting privacy but also speed. NordVPN’s servers are optimized to prevent DNS poisoning, a common threat in the gaming world. Plus, their Threat Protection feature ensures you’re safe from malicious domains without having to lift a finger. NordVPN’s SmartPlay tech is a smart DNS service that helps you overcome regional blocks, so you can access your favorite content from anywhere, even while traveling. It’s straightforward to set up on your Xbox Series X, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

nordvpn spring deal


Surfshark shines with features like a kill switch and split tunneling. The kill switch is your safety net, keeping your identity secure, even if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. Split tunneling allows you to manage your traffic efficiently, channeling some through the VPN and some through your ISP. This flexibility is key for gamers who need a stable connection. Moreover, Surfshark boasts DNS/IPv6 leak protection, making sure your requests stay routed through the VPN, keeping your activities private and secure.


For those who prioritize blazing-fast connections and unbeatable reliability, ExpressVPN is a perfect choice. It’s renowned for its speed, which is vital for reducing game lag and loading times. ExpressVPN offers private DNS on every server, helping to prevent third-party meddling and ensuring that your DNS requests are handled quickly and securely. This feature enhances your security without compromising on speed, making it a strong contender for your Xbox Series X setup.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN stands out with its user-friendly interface and unlimited data during the free trial period, making it an ideal option for beginners or those wanting to test the waters without commitment. With servers in over 30 countries, you’ve got plenty of options to find the fastest, most reliable connection. Atlas VPN’s simplicity doesn’t mean it’s light on features; you’re still getting robust protection for your gaming sessions on Xbox Series X.


CyberGhost is tailored for gamers, offering dedicated gaming servers designed to provide low latency, high speed, and secure connections. With a vast network spanning across various continents, you can connect to the closest server for optimal performance. CyberGhost’s DNS and IP leak protection ensure that your personal info remains locked down, even during intense gaming sessions.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) emphasizes control, allowing you to customize your security settings to match your gaming needs. With advanced encryption and the ability to block unwanted connections, PIA ensures that your Xbox Series X is shielded from threats. Their extensive network of servers means you can easily find a fast connection, reducing lag and improving response times in games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best DNS setting for Xbox Series X to enhance gaming performance and security?

The best DNS settings come from VPN providers like NordVPN ( for security against DNS threats, and Cloudflare ( for speed and privacy. Both are excellent for improving gaming performance and security on the Xbox Series X.

Can I use different DNS servers simultaneously on my Xbox Series X?

Yes, you can configure your Xbox Series X to use different DNS servers at the same time. For instance, you might use Cloudflare’s as your primary DNS and Google’s as your secondary DNS.

Is Cloudflare’s DNS still the fastest option for gamers?

Yes, Cloudflare’s DNS is recognized for being the fastest DNS resolver available, making it an optimal choice for gamers seeking speed without compromising privacy.

For gaming on Xbox Series X, which DNS should I prefer, Cloudflare’s or Google’s

While both are reliable, Cloudflare’s is typically faster than Google’s, according to DNSPerf data, making it slightly more desirable for gaming.

What DNS offers the highest level of safety for Xbox Series X players?

For the highest level of safety, Cloudflare ( and and Quad9 ( and are top recommendations due to their strong privacy protections and security features.

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